Muzik Mondai

Hi everyone!

I know its been a hot minute but I have been so busy at work (thank goodness I am back) I thought I would post some good jams to listen to if u have good sound on ur computer or ur headphonez

I really dig this song
you can’t go wrong with some TEN
I miss my grandmas they were badass ladies I was really close with them

if u have any suggestions for music to listen to let me know I like everything(except modern country)

Have a good week


By pborden119

Hello there!
My Name is pat but I have too many nicknames and patty B or patio has been my name for years now. I like traveling, trying new food/ adventures and hanging out with family/ friends. I am also an award winning goofball. Never get lost in the sauce. Much love and respect
Patty b.

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I remember your Mother’s Mother, Louise, very well. A really nice lady who smiled & laughed easily. She always had time for us kids. I’m glad you have fond memories too.

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